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Use the value in your home to live retirement on your own terms. For homeowners aged 55+.

Take one step towards a stress-free retirement

How are you planning to spend your retirement?

Life after retirement should be everything you’d hoped for—and more. How are you planning to spend yours?

Let your home equity help you achieve what’s important to you:

Pay off mortgage and other debt

Cover unexpected costs like healthcare

Give a living inheritance to your kids

Enjoy retirement responsibly, stress-free

Your home, your equity, your choice.

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The strongest borrower protections.

Stay in your home until you’re ready to leave.

Adaptable payment schedule.

Make monthly interest payments or pause as needed.

Access up to 55% of your home value.

Get tax-free cash you can use to fulfil your retirement plans, whatever those are.

Keep 100% home ownership.

Live a comfortable retirement without having to sell or move.

Unlock the wealth you’ve grown

You’ve worked hard to build your home equity. It’s time for you and your family to benefit.

Discover how wealthy you are

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Fast approval

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No hidden fees

Transparent costs, no surprises.

How the Bloom Reverse Mortgage™ stands out


Reverse Mortgage™


Fractional Equity

Unlock up to 55% of your home value

Fixed rate

Adaptable payments schedule

Light income requirements

Keep full upside from home price growth

Borrower protection—no fixed repayment date

Transparent rates and fees

Your Bloom Reverse Mortgage™ will accrue interest, added to the balance over time. A one-time processing and appraisal fee will also be deducted from your proceeds.
See our Rate and Fees page for more information.

Flexible eligibility criteria

We want to help as many homeowners as possible live a fulfilling retired life.

You are aged 55+
You live in Ontario, BC or Alberta*
Your home is your principal residence

*Lending area restrictions apply

I was instantly sold

Bob from Bloom was more than helpful and assured me with every step there are no questions he wouldn't answer about a reverse mortgage.

Larry G, Trustpilot

Is a reverse mortgage right for me?

Watch Ben McCabe, founder of Bloom, explain the basics of a reverse mortgage, and some of the considerations to determine if this could be right for you.

It’s time for your equity to work for you

Be among the thousands of Canadians enjoying the benefits of their reverse mortgage and achieve your goals in retirement.

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