Unlock your home’s equity and live retirement on
your terms

We help Canadian homeowners 55+ access the wealth they’ve built in their homes securely and responsibly.

Pay off mortgage and other debt

Cover unexpected costs like healthcare

Give a living inheritance to your kids

Enjoy retirement responsibly, stress free

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Get back what you’ve put in

You’ve worked hard for your home equity. It’s time for it to return the favour.

You shouldn’t have to worry about unexpected expenses, making ends meet, or losing your home.

Allow yourself to enjoy retirement stress free and on your own terms, in the home you love.

See how Bloom’s Reverse Mortgage solutions can help you achieve financial freedom.

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Put your home equity to work

Bloom helps you fund your retirement goals by releasing some of the wealth tied up in your home in a responsible and secure way.

The revolutionary Bloom Prepaid Mastercard®.

Access funds locked in your home equity when and where you want with the innovative Bloom Prepaid Mastercard®.

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Bloom Reverse Mortgage™

Our reverse mortgage allows Canadian homeowners 55+ to access up to 55% of their home’s value in tax free cash, without having to move or lose ownership of their home.

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Lifetime Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Release equity from your home in one lump sum or make on-demand draws. Decide if you would like to make monthly payments, or not.

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The best part of working with Bloom is we’re with you at every step, breaking down complex terms and helping you choose the best product for your unique needs.

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I had someone to hold my hand from start to end

We had a complex financial situation, but Richard at Bloom guided us through it with his knowledge and expertise. We would recommend Bloom Finance to any seniors seeking financial stability in the latter part of their lives.

Diane and Richard, Calgary

Find out how much wealth is tied up in your home equity

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Access up to 55% of your home value

Proceeds are tax free.

No regular payments required

Making interest payments is up to you.

Maintain 100% ownership

Stay in the home you love.

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world-class customer support

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It’s your time to Bloom.

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How can I learn more about reverse mortgage solutions, and whether this is right for me?
Where does Bloom operate?
Am I eligible?
How much could I be eligible for?
What can I do with the money?